domingo, 21 de junio de 2015

A bad day for her

This post is an english version of my previous post in Spanish. I know I don't write a perfect english, for this reason I advise it can have some mistakes. Sorry.
It was raining. The sky was dark and the wind was blowing very strong. She left the building with her broken umbrella in one hand. It was not being a good day for her, and in that moment it only could get worse. The water drenched her clothes that became heavy and sticky. She walked fast, trying to be as dry as possible. She was so nervous than she couldn’t stop looking around. Nobody should know where she was going or what she was going to do.

Ten minutes later she arrived. She was in front of a big grey and ugly building. It had only a few windows and a metallic door in the middle of the wall. She knocked on the door. It opened slowly, with a low and strange sound. She went in and turned on a small light. It looked like an empty room, but she knew she wasn’t alone. 

–I’m here –She shouted. 

She had no answer.

–You asked me to come here. What did you want?

Nothing. She started to think there wasn’t anything but air in that place. She heard a noise. Maybe the room was only almost empty. She wanted to think she had confidence in herself, but the truth was she was afraid, she had been afraid for the whole day. 

All had begun that morning, when she had founded a letter from an anonymous person in her home. It was very short, only a few words: “I know who you are. Come this night to this address if you don’t want the world to know what I know.” She hadn’t been able to believe it. Her past was coming back. She had changed her life two years earlier, and she had thought she would have left behind everything she had done, but it hadn’t been possible. 

–Here you are—said a deep voice behind her. –I knew you would come here. You don’t want your secrets to be unveiled. 

He was an elderly blue-eyed man. He was wearing a dark suit with a navy blue tie.

–Why am I here?

–Have patience. Be sure I will tell you. Now you must come with me.

–Where are we going?

–You’ll see it. I promise. Let’s go.

They left the building through a back door hidden behind a beige curtain. Outside there was a black car, they got in. The man drove for 100 km where the sight town was fading and they entered into the forest. In the end he stopped next to a small rundown hut. It couldn’t be worse, she thought. She had recognized the place. She had been there before.

–Who are you? Why did you bring me here? –She asked very worried. 

–You have just recognized this place. No? A very close friend wanted you to come to this old house.

–Is he still alive?

–Yes, and I have never forgotten you.

She turned slowly. She was looking at a ghost. A ghost she had killed two years earlier. 

–I killed you.

–You failed.

–How? How did you survive?

–You must know it. You couldn’t kill me properly.

She walked backwards. She never has been sure he was dead, and now he was looking at her. He wanted something from her, and probably he was searching revenge.

–You changed. Why?


–Two years ago you changed. You gave up, and ran out. You tried to finish with all things from your previous life, and to kill me was included there. I forgive you. Why you change?

–I didn’t want to be the person I was any more. I understood we were hurting many people. I want to stop.

–We hardly ever hurt people. We almost always helped others.

–This is the problem, almost always is not always.

–Maybe we could improve.

–No, we couldn’t.

–Try it again.

–Good! It is the reason I’m here. –She said unsurprised. –You need my help to do something. Am I wrong?

–No, you aren’t wouldn’t have search you if you weren’t the only person in the world who can help me.

–How much?

–What? I don’t understand you.

–How much money they’ll pay you?

–Half a million.

In that moment he was the man she had known. A man so interested in money that ignored everything else. He wasn’t looking for revenge, he only wanted to finish a job. She knew her best option was to help him, but she didn’t want. If she made that decision she would hate herself for many years, but reject the job could mean he would decide to kill her. It was very difficult, she didn’t have any good alternative. She looked at him. She couldn’t return to her past. She couldn’t.

–listen to me carefully. I’m not going to help you, nor today, nor tomorrow. I will never help you. Ok? Did you understand me?

–Yes, I did. And it is a pity. I actually wanted you to help me. You have to believe me when I say that I'm sorry. –He turned to the man who had driven her to the hut. –Kill her.

The man pulled out a gun from his pocket. She had forgotten him during argument, and it could be her last mistake. She ran into the woods, hiding in the night darkness. Sometimes she stopped and listened to her persecutor steps. He was very near. She couldn’t run fast enough to get away. He shot. The bullet reached a branch only five centimeters above her head, the next time it would be her body. She ran fifty minutes before it happened. She was getting tired and was starting to move slowly. First she heard the detonation, and after she felt the pain in her shoulder. The blood dripped on his coat profusely and soaked the forest soil. She screamed and ran out.